The amazing health benefits of Bentonite detox clays

What is Bentonite detox clay?

Bentonite is a form of Montmorillonite, a crystalline clay substance that has some pretty amazing properties. Discovered in Benton Shale – Wyoming, Bentonite is a grayish-white, odorless clay that is smooth to the touch. At first glance the clay might look like any other dirt, but you’d be foolish to dismiss Bentonite’s benefits as a health clay.

Wait a minute, what exactly is a health clay?

A health clay is a form of medicinal treatment that has been utilized by humans (and animals) for thousands of years. Either ingested or applied to the skin, some minerals have properties which detoxify the body. Eating dirt and rubbing it all over your body might sound strange, but if you’ve ever enjoyed the benefits of a mud bath treatment, then you have already used a type of health clay.

health benefits of Bentonite detox clays

What makes Bentonite so special?

Bentonite has a unusual chemical makeup. When dry it’s much like any other volcanic dirt, but when it comes into contact with a liquid, strange things start to happen. Firstly Bentonite is incredibly absorbent. It has a shocking ability to act as a natural sponge, pulling in water and retaining it. When touched by a liquid, Bentonite changes on a molecular level and takes on a negative electrical charge. This charge attracts any¬† (positively charged) nasty toxins is comes into contact with, and replaces them with more beneficial minerals.

Bentonite can be used in a practically endless list of ways, to treat a practically endless list of problems. From contact dermatitis, to digestive problems, or even just rejuvenation of the skin, It’s hard to imagine anyone that could not use the benefits of Bentonite in their daily lives.

Okay, I’m sold. In what ways can Bentonite be used?

Spot treatment Bentonite can be used as a powerful spot treatment. Just rub a small amount of Bentonite detox clay over a wound, itch, outbreak of psoriasis, or patch of eczema. Wait until the substance is dry, and gently remove it with warm water and a damp cloth. The soothing effect of Bentonite should be apparent almost immediately.

Mud bath: For a more full-body treatment, why not add 1/2 of a cup of Bentonite detox powder to a hot bath. Just climb in, and relax. This treatment will help with any dermatological condition’s you have, as well as drawing toxins out of your skin and into the water. You’ll notice your skin will be soft and smooth to the touch. Repeat this process once a week, or as often as you feel like treating yourself.

Facial mask: Mix half a cup of Bentonite detox powder with warm water to create a paste, and apply a thick later to your face (avoiding your nose, eyes, and mouth). Leave the mix on for half an hour before you go to bed, but be sure to remove it before actually sleeping. I guarantee you will wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for whatever the day can throw at you.

As a digestive aid: Add a teaspoon of Bentonite to a glass of water and stir well. Bentonite is perfectly safe to consume, so you should aim to have at least one glass a day. You will notice improvement’s to your digestion, bowl movements, and your overall feeling of well-being. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, or constipation then you will see a marked improvement after just one or two treatments. In recent studies, Bentonite has been used successfully to combat several common antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens including Salmonella, E.Coli, and the dreaded MRSA virus.

Oral health: On top of all of it’s other benefits Bentonite can even help give you a winning Hollywood smile. Just mix a small amount of Bentonite with water into a paste, and brush daily like normal. The paste is practically tasteless, but after a few weeks you will notice your teeth looking stronger, and shinier as the formula removes stains, and replaces minerals. For best results, brush once more afterwards with your regular toothpaste.

Does Bentonite have any other applications?

It actually has thousands. Bentonite is used in construction, purification, medicine, and farming. It is incredibly important to the food industry, where it has special important in the creation of vinegar and wine. Even food packaging can be coated in this miracle material to protect it’s contents from spoiling. With all of these great benefits, isn’t it time you tried a Bentonite detox?

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