Outpatient Rehab Services

Outpatient Rehab Services

Whether you do not have time to commit to an inpatient treatment or you are searching for continuing treatment after a long stay at an inpatient rehab facility, outpatient drug rehabs can help steer you towards sustained recovery and sobriety.

According to a survey conducted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health services administration, outpatient programs are offered by over 80% of all the addiction centers. There are many different outpatient drug rehabs out there which can make it difficult for one to find a suitable facility overwhelming. Although the wide range of options can be a bit confusing, searching through them to find one that suits you does not have to be. If you Search carefully with a few points in mind, you will definitely find the right outpatient rehab program for you.

Outpatient drug addiction treatment allows you to do your normal duties while still receiving the necessary therapy and guidance needed to regain control of your life. Outpatient care programs are ideal as both an initial option for patients with less strong addictions and a step down level care for less severe addictions to alcohol and drugs. Most outpatient recovery centers offer both standard outpatient programs and intensive outpatient programs. They are specially conceived treatment therapies for women, men, adults and adolescents.

Outpatient Rehab Services

Why people opt for outpatient drug rehabs

Drug Rehabilitation a continuous process that requires lifestyle changes, counseling and continuous support plus guidance. Even after several months of overcoming drug dependency in an inpatient facility, most people still make the choice of continuing with outpatient care in an effort to minimize their risk of collapse and maintaining their progress.

Outpatient drug rehabs make drug addiction care accessible to most individuals who don’t have the freedom or flexibility to halt their family and career obligations to concentrate on their well being and health in an inpatient facility.

Outpatient treatment also allows the patient to utilize local resources making it possible for him or her to fit the recovery program into their existing schedule. While inpatient care provide a safe and structured environment, without being secluded from the world, outpatient care recreate the structure in a completely different way.

A large portion of Outpatient Treatment centers offer the following Programs:

– Group and individual Therapy

– Educational Programs

– Ongoing Support

– Family Counseling

– Behavioral Health care including flexible schedules during the weekend, evening or daytime sessions.

Benefits of Outpatient drug rehabs

– Most outpatient programs are able to reach most people who are not willing to be confined in a residential treatment facility. In an outpatient care, a patient is able to maintain his or her career, personal responsibilities and education.

– Outpatient care offers an enhanced level of privacy and anonymity as the patient can return home every day. This makes the treatment appropriate for people who are concerned about the reputation consequences of entering into an addiction recovery program as well as those who are unable to pause their life for anything.

Programs are Appropriate for patients who:

– Do not need disruption in their lifestyle

– Can self-regulate their exposure and time to drug abuse

– Want to keep their recovery program anonymous or private

Outpatient care programs vary. There are those that meet daily, creating a structure that can help you work easily through the day and overcome substance abuse. Others like the self-help therapy programs meet once after several days or once a week.

Recovery usually focuses on the following main areas:

– Coping with situations that trigger your cravings

– Accepting yourself and identifying the main cause of drug abuse

– Group and individual therapy sessions that support your behavioral changes

-Stress control skills

– Medication treatment

– Communication skills

-Family improvement and dynamic assessment

Intensive Outpatient Program

This type of program is designed for both women and men who do not need residential treatment but have problems related to substance and drug abuse that affect their relationships both at home and at work. Trained counselors utilize this type of outpatient therapy to make those dealing with drug abuse develop positive behavioral changes, maintain abstinence from drug use and
enhance relapse prevention abilities as well as meet customized treatment goals. Outpatient programs are highly effective and have proven to promote long term recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Other important services that can be accessed at outpatient drug rehabs include:

– Mental health counseling

– Individual, couples and family counseling

– Parenting education classes


Outpatient rehab services can be found in several locations in a serene environment. This program makes treatment convenient and you do not have to sacrifice your daily routine.

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