Some Advantages of the Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside is an innovative rehabilitation treatment center in the Northeast. It is an insured institution which is located in Canaan, CT at the base of the Berkshires mountain range. The location is peaceful and provides a pleasant environment for the transformational work being carried out in this rehabilitation center.


Mountainside’s mission is to provide an ultimate rehabilitation experience to its clients by raising the standards of drug and alcoholism addiction treatment. With this mission, the institution serves all members of the community who are willing to live a drug-free life.

Mountainside’s Staff

The rehabilitation practices are successfully carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of well experienced experts who have specialized in the addiction treatment. The team of licensed and certified psychotherapists always works together with a director, psychiatrist, and a nurse consultant. With this unity, the clients of the institution are always provided with the best treatment programs.

Treatment Center

Services Provided

Apart from rehabilitation programs, Mountainside has been proven to be a pioneer of effectively employing evidence-based methods and holistic approaches to rehabilitate clients. This has in turn triggered the inspiration required in their recovery of clients hence enabling them to carve their own paths. Each client is taught to create a personal drug and alcoholism rehabilitation plan according to his/her preferences.

This has naturally resulted in a high engagement rate hence making the rehabilitating process a success. The experts use an integrative methodology to provide a wide range of therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy and massage therapy.


The life skill lessons being taught have helped clients to learn values like integrity and self-control. Nonetheless, simple tasks like washing dishes and clothes, moping, sweeping and wiping tables have also been designed to help clients become all-round. Treatment options are availed and designed to the individual’s preferences after undergoing a thorough diagnosis. These unique treatment programs have made the institution to win national accolades for the efficiency in their therapeutic assistance.


If you become a client at the institution, you will be given one or two roommates. You will then be given a well-sized, tidy and comfortable room where you will stay with the roommate(s). The room ought to be kept neat, clean and tidy without supervision from anyone. Nonetheless, a job will be assigned to you depending on the duration of your stay at the institution. This job is to prevent boredom or idleness.

Food Offered

The institution has experienced chefs who offer a varied menu with healthy soups, salads, vegetables, fruits and snacks such as sandwiches. Main meals include foods like Prime Rib, Chicken Saltimbocca or Butternut Squash Ravioli. Meals also include items such as burgers, pasta, buffalo wings or tacos. At 9am,  coffee is served. All the 3-day meals provide a balanced diet.

Advantages of Mountainside

Some of the main benefits of Mountainside Treatment Center include:

a. The services are affordable.

b. Financial help is provided to those clients who need financial assistance.

c. In completion of the treatment from this institution, you will be assured of quality and satisfactory results.

d. You will be allowed to communicate to any of your family member or friends using a provided phone during the selected times. This is unlike many rehabilitation centers.

e. They also have two full-time counselors who have specialized in addiction medicine. As a result of this, clients are assured of full-time treatment.

Cost of Services

The detox program fee is approximately $5,000-$7,000.  This includes the lodging, food, detox treatment, psychological counseling, and all other services involved in this program.  Financial help and payment options exist so that money doesn´t have to be a major impediment in choosing this center.


In conclusion, this center’s approach to rehabilitation and wellness addresses the root problems from multiple directions, and has helped thousands of people to achieve inner growth, sustained wellness, and sustained freedom from addiction.  The center has a high success rate because they are devotedly engaged while undertaking the rehabilitation treatment process and provide holistic care.  If you want their help, you can reach them on 800 762-5433 or visit their website which is

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