How To Detox Marijuana


Marijuana – also called pot, weed, hash, grass, bud, ganja, herb, Mary Jane and many other slang terms – is a mixture of dried flowers and shredded leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Aside from being the most common object of substance abuse, marijuana is also consumed for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Incidentally, marijuana is notoriously stubborn at adhering to your system especially if you have lots of body fat and you happen to use it frequently. Although it is generally regarded as a less-damaging drug, and in fact, even legalized in some places, marijuana can still be dangerous if taken continuously over a long period of time.


Marijuana remains in the body much longer because of its active ingredient, THC which is fat-soluble. This means that as you take in marijuana, the THC easily gets stored in the fat cells.

Detox Marijuana

When these fat cells are used by your body, the THC is consequently released into the blood. It is then metabolized and passed into your urine. This is why, urine is used in a drug test to find out if you are a marijuana user or not. Frequent users store and accumulate a lot of the substance in their fat cells that there is a need to rid their body system free of the long lasting effects of marijuana. Marijuana abuse is believed to affect not only the body but also the mental faculties of a person.

It can damage your nervous system and other body organs and it is also known to cause depression and other psychological illnesses. But the detoxing process can take long depending on the extent of use. However, there are also known short-term ways of marijuana detox especially for not-so-frequent users who are expecting a drug test soon.


Detoxing is simply abstaining from or getting rid of marijuana toxins accumulated from frequent or long-term use. It happens during the first few days or even weeks after getting clean or sober. It involves a process by which the person may or may not feel any detrimental effect thereafter depending on his psychological, emotional, or physical condition.


As of 2014, research have discovered no medications yet effective for marijuana dependence although psycho-therapeutic models show promise. The most common forms of treatment includes rehabilitation procedures and marijuana detox services.

Common Methods

Some commonly used methods to help flush marijuana THC out of your body include the following useful tips:

1- Drink a lot of Fluids

Increasing your the fluid intake can help dilute metabolite count and cleanse your body. Creatine as a supplement is recommended for this method because creatine levels lower when plenty of water is consumed. Cranberry and lemon juice are also excellent for detoxing and cleansing the body.

2- Eat Healthy

Avoid fatty foods and eat more vegetables. High fat foods can inhibit the detoxing process by making your digestive system weak or less effective.

3- Take Herbal Supplements

Some herbal supplements actually help to enhance the detoxing process such as cayenne, milk thistle, and aspsyllium seeds. Herbal or green tea are also excellent detoxifying agents as these compounds aid the liver eliminate and detoxify unwanted chemical substances.

4- Exercise

Because marijuana THC is accumulated in fat cells, burning fat through constant exercise will likewise release the substance out of your system. Exercise also makes you consume more fluids after workouts.

5- Take Niacin Supplements.

Niacin or vitamin B-3 is a great way for detoxing weed naturally because of its capacity to boost metabolism which helps in burning body fat.

Other Ways to Get Clean of Weed Quickly

A person may get clean of marijuana quickly using other methods which are particularly popular among those scheduled to take a drug test in a few days. These include certain solutions in drink/tablet forms that are fast-acting flush leaving your urine clean but only for a few hours. A range of fast-action detox kits are also available online to suit every individual need.


The best marijuana detox is still by totally and completely avoiding the use of this addictive substance because by then you really do not have to detox at all. But seriously, it is important to be reminded that people react differently so it is always recommended to consult your doctor before jumping into a self-medication or self-detoxing procedure. This way, your will be guided as to what is proper for you and thereby avoid untoward complications in the process.

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