How to Detox from Alcohol Naturally

A lot of people associate drinking alcohol with living a good life, in celebrating life’s achievements, many people raise their glass toasting to life. Nevertheless, many people who have found that their alcohol use has gotten out of hand want to know how to detox from alcohol.  

Alcohol is a drug that affects the largest and one of the most important organs of the body, the liver. The liver performs a variety of functions including the removal of toxins (like alcohol) and medication from the blood,production of bile and storage of glucose. In most young people, especially females, there is difficulty in eliminating alcohol from the blood stream due to the immaturity of the liver. Due to the slow elimination process alcohol continues to cause damage over a longer period of time.

How to Detox from Alcohol Naturally

Alcohol also affects the brain killing a number of brain cells.  Alcohol addiction often requires professional help.  However, there are natural methods that can complement professional help for people who are trying to stop drinking and who are looking into programs that will teach them how to detox from alcohol.  Among these, some detoxification programs teach natural detox methods to remove alcohol from the blood. Below are several natural steps that you can take to detox from alcohol using foods and other natural ingredients and lifestyle changes.

These Steps are Recommended

a.) Introducing an anti-alcohol diet in your lifestyle. All the blood in the body must pass through the liver for filtering and removal of toxic substances. An anti-alcohol diet entails eating certain types of foods that help the liver to detoxify itself from alcohol. These foods also help in reducing the urge to drink. Among these highly nutritious and effective foods is a high quantity of fruits and vegetables, for example, a plate of salad every day can also work as a great detoxifying mechanism.

One or two glasses of fruit juice every day is another part of this step and the glasses of juice can be taken at any time.  Consumption of foods rich in vegetable proteins such as legumes, nuts and soy products are also advisable. Whole grains provide fiber and energy for the body but serve as good detoxifying alternatives by aiding the liver in detoxification.

b.)  Taking liver protectors and re-generators (infusions and fruits): In this category, there are two options to choose from, with both being equally effective.  One choice is radish. Radish, scientifically known as Raphanus savitus, is able to detoxify the liver and can be eaten fresh in a salad or as a juice. Radish has several advantages, it increases bile production and detoxifies and acts as a decongestant of the liver.

Radish also has a sulphurated glycoside which is converted to raphanol through a series of enzymatic hydrolysis, raphanol acts as a stimulant for the regeneration of liver cells (hepatocytes) previously destroyed by ethyl alcohol.Milk Thistle, also known scientifically as Silybum marianum is the second alternative,it has silymarin which is a powerful medication included in some pharmaceutical preparations.

It is obtained from the fruits and seeds of Milk Thistle. Silymarin stimulates regeneration of liver cells damaged by toxins and its fruits and seeds can be taken in an infusion.

c.) Anti-alcohol supplements.  A person who wants to know how to detox from alcohol naturally can still make use of supplements.  There are certain supplements (minerals and vitamins) which, apart from their designated functions, are also able to facilitate the liver’s detoxification work, they include:  Folic acid .Vitamin E .Magnesium and zinc .Flax seeds, soy, brewer’s yeast, lecithin and wheat germ .Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12

d.) Inhalation of aromatic essence.  Inhaling an aromatic essence has the ability to sedate and balance the nervous system, in turn, this balance helps in controlling the urge to drink. There are certain essences that are particularly effective when it comes to balancing the nervous system: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), Citrus Blossom (Bitter orange, Citrus aurantium).

e.) Cold Rubdowns: If the foods, aromatic essence and anti-alcohol supplements listed above are inaccessible or expensive, a person can opt for a cold rubdown which is cheap and equally efficient. Rubdowns are done progressively with a glove or a clean cloth soaked in cold water. First, rub the arms and legs, then move to the chest and abdomen rubbing the whole area. The effects of the rubdown helps overcome alcohol dependency and drug addiction.

The rubdowns does this by improving blood circulation. It tones the nervous system leading to an increase in will power and subsequently the ability to resist the tendency to drink alcohol. Rubdowns increase resistance to cold which prevents having to turn to alcohol. Cold rubdowns also produce optimism and increases life energy.

A person can choose from any of the above methods to find the one that best suits them, as well as use any combination of the methods.  All of them are true detoxifying aids that can help people in search of how to detox from alcohol using natural methods, and some also serve as stimulants that lead to regeneration of the liver cells.  Before any program is undertaken, however, a person should consult with their physician or qualified addiction recovery specialist in order monitor recovery and safety.

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