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Smog and Depression

While we know smog affects our respiratory and cardiovascular system health, it could also have important implications for mental health and cognitive abilities.

Research by Shakira Franco Suglia, ScD, of the School of Public Health at Boston University, and colleagues found that higher levels of exposure to black carbon was associated with lower memory test scores and verbal and nonverbal IQ in a sample of 200 children in Boston, whom they followed from birth through age 10 (American Journal of Epidemiology, 2008).  Rrederica Perera, DrPH, from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and colleagues found higher levels of attention problems, anxiety and depression symptoms among children with higher levels of exposure to air pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are widespread byproducts of fossil fuel combustion, while in utero  (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2012).


Some Advantages of the Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside is an innovative rehabilitation treatment center in the Northeast. It is an insured institution which is located in Canaan, CT at the base of the Berkshires mountain range. The location is peaceful and provides a pleasant environment for the transformational work being carried out in this rehabilitation center.


Mountainside’s mission is to provide an ultimate rehabilitation experience to its clients by raising the standards of drug and alcoholism addiction treatment. With this mission, the institution serves all members of the community who are willing to live a drug-free life.

Mountainside’s Staff

The rehabilitation practices are successfully carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of well experienced experts who have specialized in the addiction treatment. The team of licensed and certified psychotherapists always works together with a director, psychiatrist, and a nurse consultant. With this unity, the clients of the institution are always provided with the best treatment programs.

Services Provided

Apart from rehabilitation programs, Mountainside has been proven to be a pioneer of effectively employing evidence-based methods and holistic approaches to rehabilitate clients. This has in turn triggered the inspiration required in their recovery of clients hence enabling them to carve their own paths. Each client is taught to create a personal drug and alcoholism rehabilitation plan according to his/her preferences. This has naturally resulted in a high engagement rate hence making the rehabilitating process a success. The experts use an integrative methodology to provide a wide range of therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy and massage therapy.


The life skill lessons being taught have helped clients to learn values like integrity and self-control. Nonetheless, simple tasks like washing dishes and clothes, moping, sweeping and wiping tables have also been designed to help clients become all-round. Treatment options are availed and designed to the individual’s preferences after undergoing a thorough diagnosis. These unique treatment programs have made the institution to win national accolades for the efficiency in their therapeutic assistance.


If you become a client at the institution, you will be given one or two roommates. You will then be given a well-sized, tidy and comfortable room where you will stay with the roommate(s). The room ought to be kept neat, clean and tidy without supervision from anyone. Nonetheless, a job will be assigned to you depending on the duration of your stay at the institution. This job is to prevent boredom or idleness.

Food Offered

The institution has experienced chefs who offer a varied menu with healthy soups, salads, vegetables, fruits and snacks such as sandwiches. Main meals include foods like Prime Rib, Chicken Saltimbocca or Butternut Squash Ravioli. Meals also include items such as burgers, pasta, buffalo wings or tacos. At 9am,  coffee is served. All the 3-day meals provide a balanced diet.

Advantages of Mountainside

Some of the main benefits of Mountainside Treatment Center include:
a. The services are affordable.

b. Financial help is provided to those clients who need financial assistance.

c. In completion of the treatment from this institution, you will be assured of quality and satisfactory results.

d. You will be allowed to communicate to any of your family member or friends using a provided phone during the selected times. This is unlike many rehabilitation centers.

e. They also have two full-time counselors who have specialized in addiction medicine. As a result of this, clients are assured of full-time treatment.

Cost of Services

The detox program fee is approximately $5,000-$7,000.  This includes the lodging, food, detox treatment, psychological counseling, and all other services involved in this program.  Financial help and payment options exist so that money doesn´t have to be a major impediment in choosing this center.


In conclusion, this center’s approach to rehabilitation and wellness addresses the root problems from multiple directions, and has helped thousands of people to achieve inner growth, sustained wellness, and sustained freedom from addiction.  The center has a high success rate because they are devotedly engaged while undertaking the rehabilitation treatment process and provide holistic care.  If you want their help, you can reach them on 800 762-5433 or visit their website which is

Get To Know about Physical Therapy Equipment

It is an open secret that patients will need to stay fit always and regain their health status.  Technology has contributed much in the health and fitness sector. How? Physical therapy equipment and products have been invented to offer medical professionals tools for treating their patients with the latest technology. This is not enough. Those with injuries
and other physical disorders can give themselves physical therapy from the comfort of their homes.

Physical therapy

Before we get into details about the physical therapy equipment, it is prudent to know what physical therapy is. This is a type of treatment that is done o patients by physical therapists to facilitate the body movement and functioning. The therapists use a combination of much physical equipment to achieve this task. The main objective of the therapists is to improve the quality of life of the patients and make them feel satisfied
with their health status.

Candidates for physical therapy equipment

Most people think that only patients are the candidates to use physical therapy equipment. This is not the case. Do you want t better your movement and get flexible muscles? Do you want to be physically fit? If yes, then you are not excluded from using the equipment. Anyone who feels that they want to stay health and better the quality of their lives should get exposed to the equipment.

Benefits of physical therapy equipment

       Stress management – the physical therapy equipment for relieving stress include; Relief Band Voyager Conductivity Gel, Terry Bath Pillow among others. They are available in different prices.

       Relieving pain – the products such as ALCiS Daily Relief Cream helps to relieve pain from those who suffer from joint, neck, back and foot pain.

       Better sleep – the equipment can help those patients with sleep problems to regain their original form. The equipment include SlumberSleeve and Doze Alert Sleeping Device.

       Improved muscle flexibility – the physical therapist will recommend the appropriate exercises and equipment that will strengthen and increase the muscle flexibility.

       Foot Massaging – the physical therapy equipment helps to increase the joint flexibility in your legs hence removing any possibilities of muscle cramps. You can choose the best foot massage from the variety available in the market.

Physical therapy equipment and recommendations

      Physical therapists use some important tools to accomplish the treatment task. The type of equipment used depends on the condition and the needs of the patient. Some of the tools used include;

      Ultrasound – these are sound waves of very high frequency and they cannot be detected by the human ear. Physical therapists use the waves to promote muscle relaxation and increase local metabolism in the patient. The waves also make the connective tissues to be
flexible and increase the permeability of the cellular membrane hence facilitating faster healing. It can be used for acute and chronic cases because of its pulsed and continuous mode.

       Electric muscle stimulation – this makes the muscles of the patient flexible if they are unable to contract voluntarily. It promotes the flow of blood in the muscles hence maintain the nutrition of the muscles. It also maintains muscle mobility and prevents fibrotic changes.
The goals of treatment determine the type of electric muscle stimulation used by the physical therapist.

        Traction – this is the use of the manual and mechanical tension which is aimed at relieving pain and increasing muscle flexibility.

       Therapeutic exercise – this is a tool used by a physical therapist to improve the strength of motion, flexibility and the functioning capacity of their patients. The therapist may suggest specific exercises that you should do when you are at home. You will be needed to adhere
to those exercises strictly if you want quick results and also to get back to work as normal.

How physical therapy equipment are used

Due to the availability of a wide variety of physical therapy equipment, you may not master the art of using each one of them. It is recommended to seek advice from a professional to the skill at your finger tips.


There is a variety of therapy equipment that can be used to treat patients. Choosing the best equipment for you can be challenging and therefore you should get recommendations from your physical therapist to ensure that you get it right. Ensure that you remain healthy and fit. Take action!

Thoughts on security

As OCD sufferers, one of the core conflicts that we suffer from is the struggle with control vs. risk.  We are driven to compulsive behaviors or thoughts because we, in our exaggerated perception of risk as well as of our own obligation towards it, feel an overwhelming need to carry out those actions because the OCD makes us think that, in doing so, we can exert some control over external events that will prevent danger or “bad things” from happening.  To this issue, I, as an OCD sufferer, have found the following quote by Hellen Keller an extremely deep reaching concept for meditating on when I am most in need:

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” –Helen Keller, published in 1957 in The Open Door.

We as OCD sufferers really deal with the same conflict that all of humanity faces; the struggle with the fact that bad things might happen and we have little, if any, control over any of it.  The only difference is that, because of OCD, we have a mistaken belief that we can superstitiously control these potential bad events through actions and rituals, and because of OCD, we cannot push this conflict into the background of our awareness, like others can, but instead feel it as the most glaring element of our environment, staring us in the face constantly.  The fundamental precept to remember is that this idea of security, or that security can be attained, through whatever medium it might be, is just a superstition. 

Security cannot be attained by OCD rituals or by excessive amounts of money or friends or knowledge….most events that happen in life are out of our control, and we are not responsible for them.  If we stop washing our hands 20 times every half hour and our mother suffers a stroke, it is not because we stopped washing our hands.  We sometimes wonder with envy how others that we know are able to so freely go about their lives without the crippling sense of responsibility and guilt that we mistakenly project onto our rituals.  The fact is that the same physical laws apply to OCD sufferers as they do to everyone else, and security is mostly a superstition.  Knowing this doesn’t solve the other problem presented by OCD which is the lack of ability to let go, but it is a step in the right direction.  Until tomorrow….