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Smog and Depression

While we know smog affects our respiratory and cardiovascular system health, it could also have important implications for mental health and cognitive abilities.

Research by Shakira Franco Suglia, ScD, of the School of Public Health at Boston University, and colleagues found that higher levels of exposure to black carbon was associated with lower memory test scores and verbal and nonverbal IQ in a sample of 200 children in Boston, whom they followed from birth through age 10 (American Journal of Epidemiology, 2008).  Rrederica Perera, DrPH, from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and colleagues found higher levels of attention problems, anxiety and depression symptoms among children with higher levels of exposure to air pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are widespread byproducts of fossil fuel combustion, while in utero  (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2012).


Germ Phobias

Germ phobias are exaggerated and often debilitating fears of germs.  These fears are  part of the anxiety spectrum and often are symptoms of OCD, although they can also exist on their own.  Germ phobias often manifest with both obsessive and compulsive components.  When a person suffers from germ phobias, he or she obsesses about germs in the environment and/or on the body and will spend large amounts of time compulsively cleaning the surfaces and objects that are the focus of the contamination fears.  The compulsive cleaning is a ritualistic attempt to relieve the anxiety caused by the obsession over germs.  Often, germ phobias entail a sense of loss of control over the safety of the environment in terms of hygiene and a fear of contamination.  These phobias and related compulsions are often connected with a sense of shame or embarrassment, as the person suffering often realizes at some level that the obsessions and behaviors are unreasonable yet are unable to control them. Continue reading Germ Phobias

Compulsive Behaviors Related to OCD

Definition of Compulsions and Compulsive Behaviors

Compulsive behaviors are actions that are performed persistently and repetitively without necessarily resulting in any reward or positive effect.  Compulsive behaviors are usually not pathological in and of themselves, but are characterized by the fact that they are typically not related to the purpose to which they seem to be intended.  Compulsions can also refer to mental behaviors that fit the same characteristics.  Compulsions have a variety of causes, including religious ritualistic behaviors, anxiety, physiological dysfunction, and mood disorders.  One of the most common causes of compulsions is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  This can feel similar to a skip in a record player, where the person is fraught with an irresistible urge to repeat again and again the same behavior until something releases her or him from the skip. Continue reading Compulsive Behaviors Related to OCD

Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life and people from all walks of life are affected by it. You might have a little bit of anxiety while giving an interview or writing an exam or before speaking in front of a huge audience. It is considered quite normal to go through anxiety during such times, but it starts to become a disorder when it affects your functioning in day to day life. There are various medicines available in the market for anxiety, but they all have their share of side effects. Some might get addictive while some might need larger doses to take effect after prolonged use. So if you are looking for remedies that are safe as well as effective then Homeopathy is for you. After recent studies, it was found that homeopathic medicines were just as effective as your over the counter medications such as benzodiazepines. People with anxiety disorders should certainly check out homeopathic remedies and look forward to happy and worry-free lives.


The remedies listed below will be very effective in treating anxiety but people with chronic anxiety disorders should certainly get an appointment with a well-qualified homeopath to get a better diagnosis of their anxiety and receive treatment tailored to their needs.

1) Aconite Napellus: This remedy is very effective against sudden panic attacks that cause you to experience intense feelings of dread and fear. You chest starts to tighten. you feel restless and agitated. You heart starts pounding so fast that you think that you are going to have a heart attack.

2) Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is very effective against exam anxiety. There are times when you feel restless and extremely nervous before an interview or before speaking to a big crowd. Such kind of people make their anxieties worse by craving for sweets. This remedy will have a calming effect on the mind allowing it to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about outcomes. People with strange what if thoughts can also take help of this remedy.

3) Gelsemium Sempervirens: People who need this remedy are the ones who experience anxiety during exertion. The hands and legs start to tremble and shiver and they feel that they are unable to move. People who have the fear of venturing into open places can also take the help of this remedy.

4) Kali Arsenicosum: People who under the impression that their health is deteriorating without any reason may want to check this remedy out. People with this type of anxiety feel that they might have a heart attack at any moment which makes them not go to sleep and develop panic attacks. The slightest amount of discomfort might make the person believe that he has some serious health issues which in majority of the cases is not true.

5) Phosphorous: People who need this remedy are afraid of being alone, afraid of the dark or even afraid of ghosts. They like company but once they are alone they start to develop weird fantasies and fear starts to creep in due to their own fantasies. People requiring this remedy are very sensitive to sound and odors.

6) Lycopodium Clavatum: People who need this remedy are afraid of performing any task in public. They are able to do fine once they are in the moment but suffer from anxiety while preparing for it. They also feel nervous and restless in new surroundings. They also develop a craving for sugar and salt. The special cravings related to anxiety always increase the intensity of the anxiety and must be avoided.

7) Calcarea Carbonica: People in need of this remedy has the fear of going insane. Though they are in perfect mental health, they live in constant fear that something just doesn’t feel right. They always stick to a routine and avoid doing things differently fearing change. They are afraid of insects, birds, and animals. They are very sensitive and dislike listening to bad news and sad stories.

8) Arsenicum Album: People who require this remedy are always worried about the future. They are worried about natural disasters, robbers robbing their house and also about sudden death due to heart attacks. This constant worry keeps them leading normal lives and worrying becomes a part of their lives. They fall prey to the perfectionism and procrastination loop and are never able to complete tasks without overemphasizing on it. They like company but are always suspicious of others and might have controlling behavior.

It is very important that you consult a well qualified homeopath for proper dosage of the above mentioned remedies.