About Bowling Green Rehab

The bowling green rehab is an award winning facility that offers personalized care and you can expect complete recovery after your stay. The facility is part of the Medical Facilities of America and it is located various locations across the US. You can expect to be provided with wonderful care from skilled professionals and your rehabilitation care will feel like home. A skilled team of nurses, therapists, and staff will make you feel right at home while you’re there, and the quality care that you will receive is more than just treatment.

Available services

After you have had major surgery, injury or illness, you can choose a location from where you want to recover and this is what bowling green rehab provides. Your health and quality of life will depend on your choice and some of the conditions for which you can get expert care include the following.

People suffering from stroke can get assistance to deal with their neurological conditions. If you have had orthopedic surgeries such as having your hip joint replaced, you can be provided with proper care. If you have fractures, or you have injuries from falling, there is a skilled team of nurses, therapists and other staff who are here for you.

Green Rehab

Specific patient care

For someone with cardiac-related problems such as heart failure, expert care is available at the bowling green rehab. A patient with pulmonary impairment such as pneumonia can get specialized care. If you are recovering after surgery or you would like to be provided with wound care, there are skilled professionals who are available to give you good care.

For specific patients, there are medical teams that can provide intravenous administrations, total parenteral nutrition, PCA pumps, wound vacs and Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC). Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is also available for people struggling with substance abuse.

Long-term care

Apart from short-term rehab services, patients who need lengthier care can also be provided with services. For such patients, the priority is to ensure that they are comfortable and that their well-being is taken care of. The environment will feel just like home and the staff members go beyond the call of duty to create personal relationships with long-term patients.

Family members will also benefit from such services since they often have difficulty making tough choices for their loved ones. A hospice is available and patients can also be provided with respite care.

Why choose bowling green rehab

When you get admitted to the facility, you can expect to be provided with comprehensive services. You will get more of the therapy that you need, which means more hours spent with a therapist each day. Therapy is available when you need it, which will help you to get home sooner.

Nurses and therapists at the facility have a caring touch and they are skilled and they will fully focus on each patient under their care. A recovery map and personal report is provided to each patient, and this is healing that you will feel and progress that you will see for yourself.

Personalized programs

One of the most outstanding features of bowling green rehab is that the programs are built around the specific medical requirements of the patient. You will also get education for life because when you go home, you will have the skills that you will need to return to your routine while continuing with your recovery.

The facility offers advanced methods and equipment to speed up your recovery. The facility is fully licensed and insurance is accepted. It has a history of high success rate and it offers recovery programs to assist the whole family. If you need to check in, beds are available in just 24 hours.

Schedule a tour

If you want to learn more about the facility, you can schedule a tour, and you can learn about the best treatment program for your medical condition. The good thing about bowling green rehab is that it has facilities across the country, which means that you can get treatment closer to home and closer to you.

The facilities are first class and you can get healthier in a comfortable location and surrounded by skilled professionals who want nothing but the best for you, which will go a long way in speeding up your recovery.

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