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Alcohol Detox at Home

March 30, 2015 5:04 pm0 comments

From social drinking to becoming dependent on alcohol is a shorter step then many would believe. After regularly drinking for years, people risk becoming dependent on alcohol. This leads to a number of social, work, and family related problems. Alcoholism has many side effects such as fatigue, confusion, depression, fever, […]

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Understanding the Services of Depression Treatment Centers

5:04 pm0 comments

The success of depression treatment centers is measured by the services offered. Good depression facilities offer holistic therapy which is a complete combination of exercise and diet plans, counseling and talk therapy sessions, motivation tapes and medication among other materials. Millions of individuals are affected by depression each year but […]

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Outpatient Rehab Services

5:03 pm0 comments

Outpatient Rehab Services Whether you do not have time to commit to an inpatient treatment or you are searching for continuing treatment after a long stay at an inpatient rehab facility, outpatient drug rehabs can help steer you towards sustained recovery and sobriety. According to a survey conducted by Substance […]

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

5:02 pm0 comments

It can be unfortunate that after many years of addiction, you suffer from mental illness in the process. The latter problem would have come first anyways. You require professional help to get out of these problems. To achieve the real meaningful results you have to find a dual diagnosis treatment […]

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How To Detox from Marijuana

4:45 pm0 comments

INTRODUCTION Marijuana – also called pot, weed, hash, grass, bud, ganja, herb, Mary Jane and many other slang terms – is a mixture of dried flowers and shredded leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Aside from being the most common object of substance abuse, marijuana is also consumed for […]

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